About Us

BaySide Media works with skilled writers and designers on each client project. These talented and experienced experts are assigned by project based on their diverse skillset. They are a great asset in helping BaySide Media meet—and often exceed—client expectations. The team is composed of editorial and design experts who know how to transform even the most technical topics into enlightening, strategic communications.

Meet the Team of Experts

Margaret Anderson
Graphic Artist

Margaret provides graphic arts services including design concepts, producing technical art illustrations, art direction, image manipulation, art production through final print and online/Web PDF preparation as well as conversion to ePUB (for iBooks) files.

Margaret has more than 20 years of experience on editorial staffs in high tech media/publishing, including more than 10 years with Dr. Dobb's Journal.

When she's not working on the computer or learning new software, Margaret likes to spend time with her art projects, gardening, walking, hiking and camping.

Lea Anne Bantsari
Editor and Writer

Lea Anne Bantsari is an editor, writer, and project manager for a variety of business-to-business materials, such as case studies, white papers, Web content, magazine articles, and e-mail and print newslett ers for corporate-level and technical audiences. These strategic communications provide thought leadership, describe business and technical benefits of technology, or enhance the professional development of the publications’ readers.

Prior to her work with BaySide Media, Lea Anne spent nearly 15 years on editorial teams at publishing companies, professional services firms, and marketing communications agencies. She has been a producer of consistently high-quality publications, including InterActivity, UNIX Review, Computer Language, and Dell Power Solutions magazines and the PricewaterhouseCoopers Technology Forecast books.

When she isn’t working with words, Lea Anne might be playing her clarinet, cooking with family and friends, or observing the natural wonder of the Pacific coast.

Susan Becker

Susan Becker
Designer and Developer

Susan designs and develops web sites and HTML emails for BaySide. A graduate from San Francisco State’s Multimedia Studies Program, she has been providing creative internet services since the birth of the Internet. She has a passion for discovering new ways to make beautiful things in code.

Susan lives in Sacramento with her husband and cats. When she’s not sitting in front of the computer, she enjoys film noir, yoga, cooking and the Giants. Her website is at www.susanbeckerdesign.com.

Elly Milder

Elly Milder
Content and Communications Manager

Elly Milder works with BaySide Media writing, developing, and editing Web content, and providing project and database management services. A life-long advocate of clear communication, she graduated with a degree in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley.

When she isn’t working, Elly enjoys songwriting, photography, and exploring the Bay Area’s beautiful outdoors.

Elke Peterson
Editor and Writer

For well over a decade, elke Peterson has strategized, planned, managed, written, and edited many marketing and communications initiatives. Over the years, her work has included developing communication strategies, scripting videos, conducting interviews, writing a weekly humor column, leading web design teams, researching and writing educational material, ghostwriting and blogging for executives, and writing insider’s tips about places she has never been. (When the travel budget disappears, you have to make-do!).

Prior to working with BaySide, elke held writing and editing positions at Microsoft, Bigstep, and Intuit. In addition to being an excellent and adaptable writer and editor for email, web, and print content, elke is also known among colleagues for her excellent organizational and project management skills.

After work, elke spends her time swimming, writing fiction, doing yoga, attending theater, cooking and watching corny British mysteries.

Lori Piquet

Lori Piquet
Editor and Writer

Lori Piquet Cleary draws on more than 15 years of publications experience, providing editing, writing, and strategic marketing and audience development services to a variety of clients. She enjoys helping companies discover the unique messaging goals appropriate for each communication project they embark upon and executing content that exceeds expectations.

She has a deep understanding of the developer marketplace and keen insight into the unique perspectives of IT personnel and their attitudes toward content consumption and professional growth. She is also an experienced project manager with web-based functional design skills.

Lori served 6.5 years as the Editor-in-chief of DevX, the category-leading professional resource site for software developers. Prior to DevX she held key editorial roles at various publications targeted toward IT professionals, including InfoWorld magazine, where she was a senior section editor, as well as at Ziff-Davis and CMP.

Camille Verde

Camille Verde-Kaszubski
Creative Director

Camille is an art director with a wide array of experience in the B2B market. Her expertise is in creative strategies, shaping both digital and print solutions for integrated marketing and advertising.

Camille has been executing infographics and ebooks for Bayside Media’s technology and communication clients, as well as managing her busy design career.

Camille resides in New York and spends her free time enjoying family and friends. She likes to think of herself as a ‘beach bum’...another version of ‘couch potato’ but with a better view and a good book.

Jennifer Zaino
Editor and Writer

Jennifer Zaino has been covering business-technology issues for 20 years. She has served in senior and executive editor roles at publications including CMP’s InformationWeek, where she led a news team that was recognized by the American Society of Business Press Editors (ASBPE) for top honors in northeast regional news coverage; Network Computing, where she launched Network Computing’s Analyst Reports, the first of a series of white papers for paying readership, based on original research and staff insight; and HomePC, where she received a CMP Media award for her work on features articles. Previous to her years at CMP, she was an associate editor at Ziff-Davis’ PC Magazine, where she led large-scale product reviews projects, and Scholastic’s Home Office Computing.

She also has been a senior editor at CMP’s integrated marketing group, where she managed custom editorial projects for technology vendors. In that role, she advised clients on the creation of original content for projects such as: microsites, which feature resources including articles, electronic books, podcasts, and video clips; white papers; print advertorial inserts; and more.

She works extensively with BaySide Media on custom projects, including articles, newsletters, and research papers. She also has covered business-technology issues for publications and Websites including CIO Insight, Federal Computer Week, RFIDJournal, bMighty.com, and Inc.’s small business.

Jennifer’s life outside of work includes being a mom to her little boy and the family’s 12-year-old terrier mix. She likes running (but wishes she’d get farther), reading (the great 19th century novelists but chick lit, too!), and piano playing (especially really slow songs, because her fingers don’t move that fast).